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What decor for a dining room with a dandy look?

decor for a dining room with a dandy look

The dandy style is a real way of life for those who have adopted it every day. A state of mind more than a trend, which can also be reflected in interior decoration.

You have decided to adopt a dandy look for your dining room, and you would like to have some basic tips to carry out this project? So follow the guide without further ado, in this article dedicated to the decor of a dining room with a dandy look.

In this article dedicated to the decoration of a dining room with a dandy look:

1. What is a dandy?

A dandy literally means a man of elegance and refinement. The origin of the term dandy comes straight from England, a country in which dandyism, a current of fashion and society, appeared in the late eighteenth century.

When we think dandy, we imagine irreparably an English man, straight out of a gentlemen’s club, with the precious, original and sought-after look, and the chosen language.

But dandyism in itself is not a fixed aesthetic and can take on many aspects, whether they are focused on appearance or an art of living.

2. What is the dandy style?

The dandy style cultivates elegance, finesse, sobriety and originality. It’s the same for a dandy decor, which is chic and functional, and who knows how to stand out from his counterparts by original details that make all the difference.

We find in particular in a dandy style decor noble and elegant materials, such as velvet or leather, the capiton, which is undoubtedly the central element of the universe dandy, and decorative objects singular, seeming straight out a cabinet of curiosities .

The whole bathed in a more refined setting, mixing inter alia, baroque wallpaper, woodwork and parquet solid wood, as can be found in the Haussmann style apartment

3. My decorative selection for a dandy chic style dining room

You will find in this trendy board, a deco selection to adopt the closed eyes for a dandy style dining room.

Padded armchair, projector style lamp, worked tables, old school coat rack or witch mirror, among other things, are a must have, a solid base in terms of furniture for an authentic dandy decoration.

Not to mention the unmissable woodwork, baroque tapestry and point of hung parquet flooring to set the scene for your future dining room with a dandy look.

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