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Top Spots in Portugal

Top Spots in Portugal

Welcome to the oldest nation-state in Europe, Portugal!It is found in the south, on the Iberian Peninsula sharing its border with Spain. It is a country with a rich history and as it is in the Atlantic Ocean, the influence of the sea can easily be seen, especially when it comes to its cuisine consisting of delicious seafood. There are also many destinations in Portugal which are now popular tourist attractions. Discover some of the top spots in Portugal below.


During your visit to Portugal, you cannot miss its capital city! Despite being the capital with a booming tourism industry, it is a serene city where you can expect to relax and enjoy a good time. Get the chance to explore the traditional calçadas, which are mosaic walkways. This peaceful city can still be explored even if you are on a limited budget.

Travel on its narrow winding roads to reach stunning spots. At night, it is also fun to go out. Head to Alfama’s cosy restaurants and enjoy delicious dishes. Discover a type of traditional Portuguese music called “fado”. Among the different attractions, don’t miss the chance to visit the oldest bookstore in the world, Livraria Bertrand.You can visit Lisbon anytime and enjoy plenty of sunshine!


Want to see a trendy spot? Don’t miss Algarve! It is one of the trendiest region in Portugal found in the south. When you visit Algarve, you can usually expect a warm weather and lots of fun activities. It is known for its beaches, like the Camilo Beach in Lagos or the beach of Praia Grande. Seize the opportunity to visit some of its major cities as well, like Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura and Portimao.

Among the various activities, enjoy hiking expeditions at places, like Monchique or Odeceixe. Want to enjoy nightlife? The best spot is Lagos where you can go to plenty of bars and pubs, such as The Tavern or Three Monkeys Bar. Get the chance to taste the fabulous cuisine as well. It is a picturesque region full of summer resorts, lovely natural landscape and historical sites like the Castle of Castro Marim and Castle of Paderne.

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Looking for a great escape? Visit the Alentejo region! Get the chance to break away from the hustle bustle of the cities and relax. Don’t miss its capital, Evora which comes with a lovely natural scenery and a rich history. Because of its strange beauty, it is the perfect setting for Halloween celebrations, especially with a 16th century church called Chapel of Bones. Inside and on its walls, it hides thousands of human skeletons!

Discover yet other historical sites in this region, such as the Roman Temple or the Cathedral of Evora. If you are looking for a nice retreat in Mother Nature’s lap, the Alentejo region is the perfect destination. Taste delicious comfort food and enjoy wines. It is indeed the city of marshlands, green pastures, flatlands and wide plains.



Discover the “Floating Garden of the Atlantic”, Madeira! It is a stunning oasis in the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal and North Africa. It is an autonomous region and an archipelago consisting of 4 islands.Get ready to enjoy a subtropical climate while you admire the picturesque views. It is very popular for its lush green landscape and flower gardens.

Do you love wines? Don’t miss the many wineries in Madeira which provide a wide range of wines from dry to sweet. Some of its top wineries are Blandy’s Wine Lodge, Barbeito Madeira, HM Borges and Henriques & Henriques. Other must-see places in Madeira are: Laurissilva Forest and the Orchid Garden. Its capital city, Funchal is home to several historical churches, fortresses, resorts, restaurants and the Lido Promenade where you can admire fantastic views of the ocean.

With such amazing spots in Portugal, you can always expect a memorable holiday!Hurry, pack your bags and catch a flight to Portugal.

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