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Top 5: the best hotels to watch wildlife

the best hotels to watch wildlife

The online booking site offers five exceptional places to observe wild animals, especially birds.

Nakuru, Kenya

One of the most iconic wilderness images is that of elegant flamingos on the waters of Lake Nakuru, in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley network of lakes. Bird lovers may know that the word “flamingo” comes from Spanish “flamenco”, which means fire and refers to the brightly colored plumage of these birds. This expanse is also home to impressive landscapes with lakes, savannahs and animals such as rhinos, lions, leopards, pelicans and ostriches. It is therefore not surprising that this region is recommended by the travelers of for the safaris, the nature as well as the fauna and flora

Where to stay: Offering lake views, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge isconveniently located in Lake Nakuru National Park. The chalet-style accommodation offers a terrace, a garden, a games room and an outdoor pool.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

A colorful country, Costa Rica has an incredible birdlife, from toucans to parrots, quetzals and hummingbirds. The country is teeming with tropical forests and nature reserves that are perfect for observing all kinds of wildlife, including the Monteverde Biological Reserve, Tortuguero National Park and Curi-Cancha Reserve. Travelers also love it for its nature, its rainforests and the adventure activities that are offered, including the zip line above the biological reserve!

Where to stay: The Rainbow Valley Lodge is just a 15-minute walk from the village of Santa Elena, in the heart of the magnificent Monteverde Mountains. Offering views of the surrounding mountains, it offers lush gardens and a terrace where travelers can set up to organize their visits.

Yellowstone National Park, United States

Yellowstone National Park is a bird lover’s paradise, with more than 70 species, from swans to cranes, hawks and the must-see and majestic bald eagle. Birdwatchers will be able to admire these creatures that crisscross the sky, particularly present near rivers and lakes, and easily identified by their brown bodies and white heads and tails. For an unforgettable stay in Yellowstone, travelers recommend staying in Jackson for its scenery, mountains and nature.

Where to stay: The Hotel Jackson is an elegant property that promises a cozy stay with its crackling fireplace, restaurant, bars and jacuzzi. This is the perfect base for exploring Yellowstone National Park just outside of Jackson.

Udawalawe, Sri Lanka

The shaggy ninox, similar to the hawk owl, is recognizable by its hawk shape and long tail. It is found especially in tropical forests, parks and suburbs of South Asian cities. Udawalawe, Sri Lanka, is the perfect place to see these incredible creatures in its famous National Park, where you can also see elephants, crocodiles and leopards among others.

Where to stay: The rustic Nature House is perfect for exploring Udawalawe National Park. It offers clean and comfortable rooms and serves traditional Sri Lankan dishes every evening. The owner is very friendly and welcoming and can arrange an elephant safari outing during the stay.

Heligoland, Germany

The unique archipelago of Heligoland is a paradise for flora and fauna, which attracts tourists from around the world for shopping, its beaches and, of course, its incredible location. Travelers will be able to see seals, gulls and gannets who have settled there by the thousands. Do not miss the Heligoland Bird Observatory, one of the world’s first bird observatories.

Where to stay: The hotel Haus Sabina offers bright apartments overlooking the lighthouse. Conveniently located just off the beach and pier, it is the perfect place to observe the winged life, both at sunrise and sunset.

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