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Tonight, Apple will unveil its new luxury smartphone, the iPhone X

Tonight, Apple will unveil its new luxury smartphone, the iPhone X

In its new Apple Park technology campus based in Cupertino, Tim Cook’s company will present its latest flagship iPhone range, the iPhone X.

Apple is expected to unveil its new Apple Park (Cupertino) technology campus Tuesday, a new high-end iPhone in a highly anticipated show, ten years after the launch of the company’s star product, which will have to convince is still able to bring innovations to its famous smartphone. The event is no exception to the culture of secrecy dear to Apple: the group did not say what would be the show scheduled for 19 hours (Paris time). But the company is used to unveiling its new smartphones at this time of the year.

As always with the approach of a presentation of the American giant, rumors and true-false leaks are multiplying. But an unprecedented event has occurred in the history of the apple brand. An individual has given reporters successful versions of the operating system that will be installed in the new iPhone: iOS11. In just a few hours, the suspense about new Apple products has been shattered, as the company likes to simmer its customers until its traditional Keynotes. Many were able to install this new iOS on Apple devices, the time that Apple developers do not prevent manipulation.

 …and we now have the name of all three new iPhones. Are you ready for this?

According to the leaks, the firm to the apple should launch a high-end device, called “iPhone X”, to pronounce “10” in honor of ten years of mobile, which has revolutionized the sector and has already passed over 1.2 billion copies. Suffice to say that the American group is expected to turn, after struggling in recent years to bring stunning new products to its star product. “The presentation of the iPhone this year is by far the most awaited, given that we expect the most important design change since the iPhone 6 (2014, Ed) and that the new device brings revolutionary features, ” writes Amit Daryanani , an analyst at RBC Capital Markets.

The expected novelties

The iPhone-birthday could be equipped with a state-of-the-art OLED screen, offering a sharper and more contrasted image, which would cover almost the entire surface of the phone, removing the famous “Home” round button usually located under the screen. The unlocking would be done by facial recognition in 3D thanks to a second camera


3D functions that could also be used to fully launch the iPhone in augmented reality. Used in video games (to insert characters in a real world) or in interior decoration (to test the color of a new sofa in his living room), augmented reality is considered as a major axis of future for mobiles.

The device should also have a glass-backed rather than metal back cover and allow wireless charging, a function that is expected of fans, analysts said.

The price

All these novelties will have a cost: the iPhone X could start at 1000 dollars (about 840 euros) or 1200 or 1400 dollars depending on the different rumors. At this price, “it will have to be magical” and “it creates the desire,” says AFP independent analyst Rob Enderle.

Apple’s biggest rival, South Korean Samsung, has just launched its high-end, high-end smartphone, Note 8, which will be available from Friday for a price of around $ 1,000 in the United States. United.

Three iPhone and an AppleTV?

In addition to its features, amateurs and analysts will scrutinize the date of marketing of the iPhone. Persistent rumors report delays on the assembly lines in Asia, which could lead Apple to launch its new device in limited quantities at first. Apple should also release improved, but more classic versions of the iPhone: an “8” and an “8 Plus”, including longer battery life or greater storage capacity.

The group could also present a new model of AppleTV, capable of broadcasting programs in 4K (ultra high definition) or version 3 of its watch Apple Watch, which would be able to connect directly to mobile networks, without going through the iPhone.

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