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The Importance of Good Lighting

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Lighting is an absolutely vital aspect of everyday life. From productivity to simple leisure,we’re surrounded by lights and yet rarely do people pay attention towards lighting but when there’s no good lighting in the room or the area it only becomes more obvious just how important lighting really is!There are several factors to consider when picking lighting solutions.You have to pick lighting considering what the light is meant to be used for keeping in mind how bad and ineffective improper lighting can be.

Poor lighting has a lot of negative effects

For example, if you’re at a workplace and the room is insufficiently lit then it’s very probable that most – if not all –of the workers will be inefficient and unproductive. And that’s besides all the health issues – poor lighting can cause severe eye problems because of eye strain, especially if the workplace has a lot of monitors and screen. But in places like warehouses, lighting becomes an integral part of the workplace as it can lead to dangerous hazards.

Setting the stage at home

We spend a lot of our time in our homes so having everything properly lit is an absolutely must. And It’s not only about being able to see everything properly at homebut also highlighting certain aspects and parts of the home which allow us to have the best experience possible while either relaxing or being productive. That’s why it’s always recommended to use different lighting in different rooms so as to maximise the efficiency of the available light.

Creating proper ambience

Lighting has a major role in every interior setting, and it’s not just about the illumination but also about how it fits with the room. There’s a reason why chandeliers are placed in large rooms like foyers –they not only are great sources of light that will keep the room properly lit, but also add a centre to the room that can look very pleasing to the eye.

Light makes rooms feel more spacious

Rooms that are poorly lit always appear more cramped than they are. Darkness can be used in some situations, mostly to create contrasts, but light – either natural or man-made –makes rooms appear larger and walls seem longer. The feeling of larger rooms is directly related to comfort, so it’s important to have a good wall light fixture on key positions in the room, like for example the ones from Lamp Wise, to add an extra feeling of comfort in a room that’s otherwise not too large by itself.

Task lights are great for productivity

Planning for productivity in the home can be a wise idea. For those that prefer to work at home having task lights, like table lamps in key positions in the room can certainly increase efficiency and productivity. Large overhead lights can feel intrusive when one is trying to work, so smaller, yet sufficiently bright lamps can really make a difference.

Light is an integral part of our lives and we shouldn’t neglect it. Once lighting is properly utilised you will definitely see an improvement, in either your feeling of comfort or productivity.

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