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The Concept Of Fat Freezing

The Concept Of Fat Freezing

Have you ever heard of a way where your body can shed of these fats without the painful surgery? Fat freezing is a treatment that will allow patients to shed off unwanted fats without taking any surgery. These treatments are known as coolsculpting by some companies and others call it as cryolipolysis as well.

Surgeries And Their Function

When it comes to successful weight loss, several individuals may start thinking about undergoing into surgeries. However, surgeries can sometimes produce unbearable pain especially after the treatment. Furthermore, people do not want to experience the very negative side effects that others have reported about them.

Introducing Coolsculpting

Due to this fact, an FDA-approved process and medical procedure is now being tried and tested in the market and is on their way toward becoming mainstream. This is known as Coolsculpting or the freezing of fats within a targeted body part such as your stomach, belly or your thighs through an applicator that is non-invasive. Unlike surgery that makes incisions on the skin, these processes will leave the skin unharmed.

How It Works

Freezing of fat? Should it feel painful because of the concept itself? You might be asking about how fat freezing actually works. This procedure is done by professional doctors and will begin by placing a device in the body part that will be treated. There are cooling panels and these are fat bulges that will be pulled away from these fats. When done, the process will end through literally freezing the cells under the skin.

It takes around an hour before the process ends and it depends on the area that you want to change in yourself. It does not feel painful as well.

Who Should Get The Treatment

If you are doubtful whether the treatment is just for a specific number of people, coolsculpting is for everyone who wants to shed fat and burn them without too much pain. This is also for those who are never willing to go through surgical procedures for weight loss.

It is important that you consult your physician first before you begin to undergo into the treatment. Many patients that go through it will often ask their upper or lower abdomen to get treated.

Does It Work?

For many of you, the fear might come from the fact that you might have only heard about it right now. Patients who have undergone this process can reduce their fats around 20 percent and a little more, and the results can even be experienced for a longer term. Of course, patients should still remember to supplement everything with the right lifestyle and proper diet.

The freezing process also makes way for them to distribute the weight gained post-treatment to every fat cells in the body. So, it does a dual purpose. Since these cells are frozen, they do not function to accumulate these fats and instead are digested and excreted away from the system. There are no side effects or health risks reported yet on this treatment.

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