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The Best Watches Fresh on The Market – Breitling Exospace B55

The Best Watches Fresh on The Market – Breitling Exospace B55

Luxury watches are in a class of their own in the field of horology. Manufacturers have been creating elegant, expensive, and beautiful luxury timepieces for over a century. With the traditional luxury “golden age” of the 1920s and 1930s, the industry has taken on the modern world in order to re-design, re-invent, and supply the market with fresh looks and incredible sophistication.

The best models fresh on the market are not difficult to find—there are dozens of new luxury watches that have been released that appeal to a large variety of individuals seeking unique and versatile designs to suit their personal look, from haute-horologie makes like MB&F to fashion brands such as Guess watches. But first, here are a few luxury watches that you should be keeping an eye out for.

The well-known and respected Breitling Company has their sights on a new timepiece that has been hailed as innovative and assertive. The Exospace B55 Connected is the forefront of connected chronographs—continuing its tradition of being what Breitling calls “instruments for professionals,” this model is a timepiece with multifunctional movement, hands and dials, two months’ of autonomy, waterproof case, and other features.

What makes this wristwatch different is that it is not a smart watch, but it is “connected.” It leverages the user-friendliness of smartphones to improve efficiency and ease of use. This is a masterclass model in how to create a supreme chronograph that remains entirely operational when offline and acts as a traditional watch when not “connected.”

This hybrid of sorts does not classify as a smart watch, but is in a league of its own, acting as a professional instrument that has created a major breakthrough in technology using Breitling’s past of inventions that have made them into the company they are today.

The Exospace B55 Connected was developed, assembled, tested, and finished completely in Switzerland, including the creation of the movement, where it was made in the workshops of Breitling Chronométrie. While not a smart watch by modern definition, this wrist watch is a technological marvel. It includes a smartphone application that was also developed in Switzerland, which allows this model to “connect” when needed.

Breitling has defended Swiss made innovation and tradition and in respects to this model, they have made an incredible and unique timepiece that oozes luxury and uniqueness.

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