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Soka Gakkai International Celebrities- Spreading the Message of Love Across the World

Soka Gakkai International Celebrities

Buddhism is a religion that preaches non-violence and tolerance. People from all walks of life have embraced Buddhism as the path to peace and harmony within. In the world there are several Buddhist communities where members meet and share their thoughts and views. The Soka Gakkai International is one such Buddhist community that has touched the hearts of 12 billion people across the world. There are about 500 Chapters in the USA where members meet to practice the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra.

Soka Gakkai International Celebrities- Spreading non-violence and peace across the world 

Besides people from ordinary walks of life there are a number of famous personalities that have embraced Buddhism and are members of The Soka Gakkai International community. They are dedicated to spread the message of non-violence and nuclear disarmament. These Soka Gakkai International Celebrities are playing a positive and responsible role when it comes to promoting peace, brotherhood and harmony in the world.

Prominent personalities like Alice Walker, Boy George, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Tina Turner and more are coming forward to advocate nuclear disarmament to the world. All these members are using their star status to promote the evils of war and how it is wrecking world peace and harmony. Buddhism spreads love and as human beings you are created from love. It is your basic nature to spread love and peace to everyone that crosses your path. There is no room for hatred as this only generates bitterness and makes the world a terrible place to live in. 

Fighting inner battles  

In this world of prejudice and discrimination, you will find that many people are fighting inner battles. There are a lot of negative emotions and thoughts. There is a lot of hate and anguish around. Forgiveness is forgotten and the intention to cause pain and hurt is abundant in most people. As a human being you were not born into this world to hate and spread terror. This is the basic message that these prominent personalities are spreading across the world. There is no point in breeding jealously and hatred as it never takes anyone anywhere.

The path to inner peace and transformation is to look within yourself so that you discover what your true potential is. These Soka Gakkai International Celebrities are propagating the message of love and harmony. They appear on public forums and appeal to their fans on how they can change the world by changing themselves. It is crucial for you to fight those inner battles. They will help you learn to get the courage and wisdom you need to face the challenges you face today. Buddhism gives you that inner transformation. With daily chants and practice, you will embark on an inward journey. This journey brings you peace and harmony. It is lovely when you are able to conquer hidden battles and emerge victorious in the world. You become a changed person and this helps you to contribute to society in a better and bigger way with success!

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