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Should he opt for blue duck in your decor?

Should he opt for blue duck in your decor

The blue duck is at present a more color trends in interior decoration.

At the same time mysterious and resting, the blue duck imposes that it is used sparingly or in total look.

Also, I suggest you dive without further delay in this issue which is dedicated to him.

In this article devoted to the color blue duck:

  1. The color blue duck
  2. How to associate the color blue duck?
  3. A blue duck salon
  4. A duck blue room
  5. A blue duck baby room
  6. A duck blue kitchen
  7. Where to find duck blue paint?
  8. Dare the blue duck wallpaper

1. The color blue duck

But by the way, what is duck blue?

It is a sustained blue color tinted green for some or green tinted blue for others, which refers to some visible feathers of mallard when it is in full flight.

At the same time graphic and sophisticated, duck blue is undoubtedly a singular color and famous for its perfect mix between blue and green.

In short, the right compromise, which has made it the safe bet for many interior designers, including Sarah Lavoine, who was one of the first to bring the color duck blue to the taste of the day.

2. How to associate the color blue duck?

The duck blue can be used in many ways in interior decoration.

Whether you opt for a duck-blue wall, a duck-blue lounge, a duck-blue kitchen or a duck-blue room, this color has the advantage of not being marked in time and can thus be associated with a multitude of styles.

The duck blue can take on a more vintage look when combined with retro or modern furniture if combined with contemporary pieces.

Note that the yellow , warm color par excellence, is an ally of choice to sublimate the blue duck.

2.1. Marry the duck blue color with mustard yellow

Duck blue and mustard yellow are two singular colors that, when combined, offer an exceptional rendering.

Synonymous with warmth, the mustard yellow will perfectly contrast with the duck blue, a deeper and more mysterious color.

To do this, you can consider integrating small touches, such as a piece of furniture in an interior with blue duck walls.

Witness this example of blue duck lounge, in which there is a mustard yellow armchair with retro lines.

  • We like: the graphic rendering of the cement tile floor.

2.2. Combine duck blue with light wood furniture

The light wood furniture is a must in Scandinavian style interiors, for the cozy spirit it conveys.

It is therefore an ally of choice to properly showcase our blue duck.

For a living room with a Nordic spirit, you can then consider a clever mix of both, for a cohabitation in perfect harmony.

In this example of layout, no jealous, because the furniture in light wood and the blue duck share equally the star.

  • We like: the ceiling which plays the extensions, for a very luminous rendering.

2.3. Duck blue and metal mixer

Great accustomed to interiors, whether industrial or contemporary style, the metal can also be part to enhance the depth of the duck blue.

Indeed the raw aspect of this material can be ideal to emphasize the elegance of the duck blue in any circumstance.

For this example of development, a staircase takes our color and sports a guard rail of white metal of the most chic.

The rendering is undeniably contemporary in this case.

  • We like: the graphic effect of perforated metal.

2.4. Mix the duck blue color with white

White is undoubtedly the ideal color to contrast with duck blue.

Bright and timeless, white has always been part of many interiors.

Ideally neutral, it can be associated with multiple tones, which will have everything to gain.

The proof in image with this superb module of storage having bet on the combination white and blue duck. The result is without comments!

  • We like: the different sizes and heights of the niches.

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