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Rental real estate: how to avoid vacancy

Rental real estate: how to avoid vacancy

Holding a property without a tenant to occupy it is expensive. This situation is far from irremediable, provided you make the right decisions. The opinion of the expert, Stéphane Desquartiers *

Paris Match. How to prevent a dwelling from staying too long without a tenant? 
Stéphane Desquartiers. Your property must be distinguished from others by its quality, for example by renovating the kitchen or the bathroom, offering in addition a rent lower by 5 to 10% at market prices. By adopting this strategy, you go back into the real estate search engines on the Internet. Even in disaster areas, you limit the risk of a long vacation.

Are there other ways? 
If you own a small area such as a studio or a T2, it may be wise to furnish it. You thus broaden your clientele, by interesting more students or people coming to find a new job, still in trial period. Equipping your home can also allow you to consider a seasonal rental. In student cities by the sea like Marseille, La Rochelle or Vannes, you can establish a student lease for nine months and then rent your home by the week during the summer period. By targeting different audiences, you reduce the possibility of vacancy.

“Equipping your home can also allow you to consider a seasonal rental”

These developments have a cost …
Do the math, but the profitability of your investment will be less reduced by carrying out work, or by furnishing a property, rather than waiting for a possible tenant for several months. Remember that during this period when you no longer receive rent, expenses continue to run, while your credit may not be refunded.

Should we request a real estate agency? 
It is a prerequisite if you are not there. Do not hesitate to put several structures in competition. Nothing prevents you, in parallel, to post yourself ads on the Internet. Even if your property is entrusted to an agency, continue to be active and call it regularly to hear about the situation.

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Should we insure against this risk? 
There are insurance against the vacancy. They make it possible to compensate for the lack of payment of rent. Be careful though to look at your contract, because a franchise is very often present, lasting three months: even covered, you will not receive anything during the first three months of vacancy. In 90% of cases, the vacancy does not exceed one quarter

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