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Punjab Government’s Yaari Enterprises Scheme for self-employment

The Punjab Government recently launched the “Yaari Enterprises Scheme” to create employment as wooed in the poll manifesto. The scheme is special for small enterprises promoted by young entrepreneurs. 30% subsidy will be received by the enterprises for a maximum investment of Rs.5 lakh. Over 1 lakh enterprises are decided to set up every year for the next 5 years.

The unemployed and underemployed urban poor can set up small enterprises in service, manufacture industries. The Punjab government will also support Self Help Groups of urban poor for accessing easy credit from the banks and obtain interest subsidy on loans.SCs and STs will also be benefited in the city/town population of the poor.

Professionals and Community organizers from the urban local body will recognize the potential beneficiaries among the urban poor. The beneficiaries can directly contact the Urban local body or its representative for any help.Even the banks can also recognize prospective beneficiaries and send such cases to the Urban local body.

The beneficiaries eligibility criteria are: The enterprise group should have a minimum of 5 members with at least 70% of members from urban downtrodden families.All group members should be 18 years and above at the time of applying for bank loan. Rs. 10 lakh is the maximum unit project cost of a group enterprise.

Besides Govt job in Punjab, youngsters have good opportunities for their own startups in the state.

During the Punjab Assembly election campaign 2017 “GharGharRozgar” was a catchy congress campaign. Enrollment cards were distributed by the party for the scheme. Over 13.24 lakh people enrolled in the hope of getting Government jobs in Punjab.

The Punjab government included regular, contractual, outsourced and daily wage employment in the government sectors, recruitments to “PradhanMantriKushalVikasYojana”. The C-PYTE initiated to bring back young drug addicts life on the right track with self-employment schemes under various government sectors. 10% applicants from “GharGharRozgar scheme”were selected for the placements.

Punjab government officials estimate the actual number of unemployed youth in urban and rural areas was about two million as in 2017. Every year the government adds about three lakh aspirants to the job market. Officials said that the government was put their best effort to generate jobs. But since it was the government employment the youngsters wanted to guarantee “job security” and other benefits including a pension benefit after retirement.

The Indian Express met some youngsters who had received job placement letters from private employers including some who had received letters from the Chief Minister during the “Mega Job Mela” in Mohali. Some of the candidates utilized that job opportunity whereas some did not take up the employment due to low paying, change in the salary structures and other reasons.

Many candidates spoke clearly about their placement, job nature, working place ambiance, and other facilities. Some were found happy with their jobs whereas some were not offered with the suitable jobs based on their education. However, the Punjab Government took an effective method to employ the candidates both in government and private sectors.

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