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Modern apartment in Paris

Modern apartment in Paris

Located in Paris VIIème, on the Quai Voltaire, this former artist’s studio has become a real contemporary duplex, offering breathtaking views of the Louvre. It is a reorganization controlled, and respectful of the spirit of the place, by the enhancement of existing elements (beams and glass). The project was realized by Cubes Architects. The ground floor is a large open space occupied by the kitchen and the dining room, and adorned with a bespoke oak tinted bookcase. The kitchen in corian, opened on the dining room, invites to the conviviality. Practical and modern, it has been designed to the millimeter, to make it functional and aesthetic. The central island of the kitchen, with numerous and clever storage, helps to structure the space. The clean white of the kitchen, with its clean design, contrasts with the bright colors of the dining table and the works of contemporary artists decorating the ground floor. The mirror offers a perspective of character by reflecting the glass roof and the view of the Louvre, and intensifies the brightness of the space. Upstairs, the space is occupied by the living room and dressed in style by the library, which has been designed to measure and in continuity with that of the ground floor. It is at the same time a cabinet of storage and decoration. The bathroom has been converted into a mosaic-coated steam room and enhanced by the folded-powder coated metal door and designed as a decorative element

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