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Important Tips To Become A Successful Car Salesman By Jeff Lupient MN

Important Tips To Become A Successful Car Salesman By Jeff Lupient MN

If you are planning to start a car selling businessman or looking forward as a salesman position in any car company then you are on the right page. Here you will come to know about the important tips to be a successful salesman under the guidance of Jeff Lupient MN.

Jeff Lupient MN Best tip: Meet and Greet

Experts suggest salesman to look for more and more opportunity to meet the customers. The more number of customers you will get the more chances you have to sell your car. While meeting the customer its highly important to greet them, as they are business for you. As a salesman you must start your conversation by wishing as Good Afternoon and introducing yourself. Try to personalize your customers so that feel good while talking with you.

You may think greeting is a simple task but it is highly effective as customer gets calm and tells everything what they are looking for. Always have a smile while talking with the customer and make them feel that it would be their best deal.


After you greet them properly and offer a place to be comfortable, try to know  what actually they are looking in the car. Car business professionals always focus on customers need and show them the right car to make it a successful deal. Ask the customer basic questions like what made them arrive in your store? Which car they liked the most? Are they looking for offers?

All these questions will help you know their need. Once you get it, you can show the same.

Choosing the vehicle

This is the main reason why customer came to your store. You must know which car would be the right one for the customer. Most of the customers love expensive cars but cannot afford them and they will ask for the EMI options. Always try to judge the pocket of the customer to show right car which the customer can easily afford.

If you come across the customer who does not have any particular choice of car, start showing them cheapest car till when he likes any. Experienced salesman suggest new salesman to show right cars which customer can buy unless you are wasting your energy.


Expert salesman follow a four square system to negotiate the price of the car. Here are the four square are:

·         Price – This would be the last thing which you will discuss with the customer. This price will decide the profit amount for the store.

·         Payment – Try to focus on this as the higher payment is the higher profit you can make.

·         Trade – Trade is a technique in which the salesman lowers the prices but increase the value pf the trade without giving enough profit to the customer.

·         Cash down- The more cash down the customer pay the less will the profit to the store.

All of these basic tips are a way to success in the car selling business as experienced by Jeff Lupient MN. You need to follow them to become a successful seller. It is not one day task, you may take some time but once you have good hands on it, you can make good money with it.

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