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Psionic Kludge – second video release,. . the seeds of scene 2 :: palenque are shown here. Not much to see yet, however the transition is working nicely.

Psionic Kludge :: screen
Psionic Kludge :: screen2

thisMachine – new opponent types, a GRUB variant,. and FIRE!

More prototype footage from thisMachine, as it develops. There are only a handful of objects in the game so far and already interesting sub-emergent events are fun to play,.

This new opponent type is only pushed a bit by bolt-fire and exhibits classic top vulnerability with danger on the bottom. These move mostly vertically, and tend to form shafts, they also spawn FIRE. FIRE is another new object, it burns the player, and persists for a few seconds.

Getting close to a release demo for opening up to pre-orders on this site.