More Seeds

more info;

More Seeds is an objective free sandbox game, an AI ant-farm simulation with synthesized soundscape.

Maintain or Disrupt the BALANCE,. . whatever makes you happy ;)

Tested on Win7, should run on any Windows OS system. The game runs at whatever resolution you launch it from and fills the whole screen.

This project is a sort of remake of Seeds that I created in 2003.

This iteration is a bit more advanced and interesting,. although based around the same ideas of AI systems, and the balancing of complex reactive processes.

I am going to add a Screen-saver version with no controls, as well a free demo ASAP. Screen Saver and FREE demo are now available on the main release page;

new video – thisMachine

newly reworked player interactions,. now dig in any direction; hold direction when pressing dig key.

player can now cling to ceiling,. and bounce reactions from collisions are now more smoothed out. Pressing into a wall will cut Y velocity,. making it easier to dig in flat cliff faces.

music and sound mix is getting interesting,. would like to be able to pipe the sound effects generated in ZGE into SunVox as an input. some endless ambient music loops are forming,. working to balance, well everything with everything else,. .