new video – thisMachine

newly reworked player interactions,. now dig in any direction; hold direction when pressing dig key.

player can now cling to ceiling,. and bounce reactions from collisions are now more smoothed out. Pressing into a wall will cut Y velocity,. making it easier to dig in flat cliff faces.

music and sound mix is getting interesting,. would like to be able to pipe the sound effects generated in ZGE into SunVox as an input. some endless ambient music loops are forming,. working to balance, well everything with everything else,. .

thisMachine – harvestFestival prototype

Provided for your edification and amusement;

a joust mechanic, some dark caves, and a resource to extract. Light is a factor, some jellyfish ghost like skeletons, are swarming. A few buzzards circle the shadows.

latest proto-project. lots working,. much to add.

windowsOS demo at free file host; get DEMO about 350kb.
This is a prototype where all levels of the project are being actively worked on. some things are broken others are not yet created,. . all is in flux.