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Buy These Green Plants Online and Welcome Summers!

Buy These Green Plants Online

“Ah Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it” – Russell Baker Yes, the above line stands true. We all like summer season for many reasons like – less and lightweight clothes, pool parties, cocktails, and mocktails, etc. We all suffer a bit from the scorching sun

Adopt the pallet bed in your room

Adopt the pallet bed in your room

A pallet bed is an ideal solution that combines strength, durability and economy. Pallets are primarily a durable material with very low environmental costs, known for their robustness to any test, because they are at the base solicited to support relatively heavy loads. Pallets are also particularly appreciated for their minimal cost,

What decor for a dining room with a dandy look?

decor for a dining room with a dandy look

The dandy style is a real way of life for those who have adopted it every day. A state of mind more than a trend, which can also be reflected in interior decoration. You have decided to adopt a dandy look for your dining room, and you would like to have some basic tips

Should he opt for blue duck in your decor?

Should he opt for blue duck in your decor

The blue duck is at present a more color trends in interior decoration. At the same time mysterious and resting, the blue duck imposes that it is used sparingly or in total look. Also, I suggest you dive without further delay in this issue which is dedicated to him. In this article devoted to the

Modern apartment in Paris

Modern apartment in Paris

Located in Paris VIIème, on the Quai Voltaire, this former artist's studio has become a real contemporary duplex, offering breathtaking views of the Louvre. It is a reorganization controlled, and respectful of the spirit of the place, by the enhancement of existing elements (beams and glass). The project was realized by Cubes Architects. The



Do you dream of this extraordinary kitchen on the front page of a magazine or a large bathroom with a huge custom shower? Beyond the dream, you have to wonder how much it really costs. Renovate a full bath for less than $ 10,000 is it possible? Yes and no.  As seen on TV