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Buy These Green Plants Online and Welcome Summers!

Buy These Green Plants Online

“Ah Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it” – Russell Baker

Yes, the above line stands true. We all like summer season for many reasons like – less and lightweight clothes, pool parties, cocktails, and mocktails, etc. We all suffer a bit from the scorching sun rays for sure but with some extra care, everything gets under control. The most irritating factor of this season is the perspiration for sure. The mercury level is sky high and that means one has to keep cooler things around. Drinking lots of water, covering the face and head with sunglasses and scarf, using sunscreen and umbrella, and of course, placing more green plants around are some of the necessary things one can do.  

Every year, we read in newspaper or climate journals that this year the summers are more dangerous than the last year. It would continue to happen so because of mass deforestation and rapid urbanization. Everyone thus should take up the initiative to plant more. Green plants provide us more oxygen and soak the toxic elements from the air and thus we feel more energetic. 

Buy these green plants online for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones and welcome this summer season with open arms: 

Peace Lily:

The lovely white flowers of this plant look unique and the shiny leaves add much beauty to your indoor or outdoor. The flower has a spoon-like shape and the leaves are broad. It is one of those low on maintenance kind of plants. So, you won’t require much efforts to take care of this plant. It can sustain under low lights and low humidity situations. You can place it beside your sofa or near your bed. During the summer season, the flower blooms more and thus you can expect your home to be a heavenly abode with the presence of this plant. 

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a wonder plant. It treats acne, constipation, worm infection, or sunburn, etc. Summer is a high time of falling sick. The body temperature must be cool so that you don’t fall sick. Having aloe vera juice gives a better pH balance to the body, regulates better liver function, gives a nutritious boost, and of course, maintains a great digestive system. Extracting fresh aloe vera gel from the stem and applying it on skin and hair gives a wonderful result. It moisturizes and cleanses hair and skin both. So, this plant would be a great gift for your loved ones this summer season. 


The soothing and mesmerizing fragrance of jasmine plant flowers is something that makes people feel calmer. The sultry weather loaded with lots of office work sometimes may leave you jaded! There are times when you simply cannot fall asleep or sometimes you wake up due to humidity! These simple-looking but critical problems can be mitigated by placing plants at home. So, buy a jasmine plant online and see how wonderfully your life transforms. You would find a great sleep and feel rejuvenated every morning even when the weather bogs you down. Just don’t forget to water this plant daily. You can place it literally anywhere in your home and reap its benefits!

 Golden Pothos:

Order a golden pothosplant online and place it near your window pane or on your balcony where it can get plenty of filtered sunlight. The harmful toxins in the air would be purified and you would breathe a fresh air. The unique marbled yellow leaves make this plant a wonderful indoor plant choice. So, gift it to your near and dear ones.

So, keep enjoying this sultry summer season with these beneficial green plants.

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