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Adopt the pallet bed in your room

Adopt the pallet bed in your room

A pallet bed is an ideal solution that combines strength, durability and economy. Pallets are primarily a durable material with very low environmental costs, known for their robustness to any test, because they are at the base solicited to support relatively heavy loads.

Pallets are also particularly appreciated for their minimal cost, not to mention the aesthetic aspect of industrial spirit they give off.

In short, the bed in pallet has all the arguments to seduce the fans of recovery and design in search of originality. As you will see, a pallet bed is able to offer many possibilities of development, whether simple, double, high, mounted on wheels, equipped with storage or topped with a headboard pallet, there is something for everyone!

For this example of layout, the pallet bed is in its simplest device, for a rendering of the most refined.

While we find here, a coordinate bed pallet / bedside table as one.

Black or white, the pallet bed can also see life in technicolor!

When the useful joins the pleasant … Special mention for this arrangement of two-in-one pallet bed, including a bedding and storage lockers consisting of superimposed pallets.

A headboard in a pallet

headboard in a palette is a very wise choice that will make all the difference, whether for the visual aspect or practical.

The pallet headboard is indeed off the beaten track by its raw side, nevertheless warm and a bit rustic, which brings an incomparable charm to a bedroom and this, whatever the style of predilection and at a lower cost .

A pallet headboard also has other advantages to consider, such as being able to adjust the height or fit lighting.

For a pure industrial style juice, the palette can be used as is to obtain the expected gross effect but know that it is highly recommended to sand the surface to prevent possible proliferation of bacteria.

What’s more, untreated surfaces are more difficult to maintain over time.

Then you can customize your headboard pallet according to your desires with a colorful varnish, paint or stencils of the most original.

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