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5 online shopping tricks you should know

online fashion shopping

We present 5 tips and tricks to take on board to make the most of your online shopping experience.

Are you a frequent shopper who has recently started exploring online fashion shopping? This article is for you:

1 Shopping via an app is better. You have the choice to shop using your favourite fashion site’s web portal, or downloading their app on your phone. Here’s why the second option works out better: you are more likely to immediately attend to your phone than to your laptop or desktop computer. So, the moment the app sends you an alert, you are going to look at it within just a few minutes, if not within seconds. Also, you can track your orders and shop from anywhere when you use the phone app.

2 Don’t checkout right away – here’s why. This is a little-known tip that we are glad to share with you: when you select items on the online fashion shopping app, add them to the bag but don’t proceed to checkout at once. When you do this, the app registers your interest in the product and the fact that you have not finished paying for it yet. At this point, the app will give you similar options to consider (based on the products in your shopping bag) so you are bound to get more choices than the ones you initially chose. Another thing that can happen is that the online fashion shopping app can deduce that you are still undecided about the purchase and may throw in an additional discount or a coupon to help you decide to buy. Either way, you win!

3 The size guide is your best friend.Online fashion shopping is all about studying the products carefully before buying. Since you cannot touch or try on the product before you buy it, you must ‘play it by ear’ when you make the purchase. But you’re not all at sea either – the fashion app provides a handy size guide with measurements in both inches and centimetres. If you are aware of your exact measurements for both clothing and footwear, then there is no reason why you would go wrong with online fashion shopping – whether you can touch and try the products or not.

4 Keep an eye on promo codes and reward points.Online shopping apps and sites normally incentivise the purchase process with year-round discounts on most brands and products. Online fashion shopping is normally more affordable than offline store shopping for this reason. Besides, the app offers promo codes to first time shoppers on the site, and even reward points for swiping a partner bank’s card to complete the purchase. Overall, there is a lot of scope to save money on your favourite purchases when you shop online.

5 The exchange/refund policy is very important. The most neglected – but most important – part of the shopping site or app is its exchange and refund policy. Most shoppers tend to ignore it completely, but you shouldn’t if you’re using an app for the first time. Study the policy to know exactly when and how to initiate an exchange or refund, if the need arises.

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