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4 Nike Shoes That can be Worn This Monsoon Season

4 Nike Shoes That can be Worn This Monsoon Season

With the monsoon season knocking at the door, it is time to stock up on everything that will take you through the rain and mud. The best way to enjoy rain is to stay indoors with a cup of tea, but none of us can do that. And the worst part of going out in monsoon is getting drenched. It seems like no matter what you wear; you cannot protect clothes and your feet against the muddy streets and water puddles. And the last thing you want during monsoon is getting bathed in muddy water. But, the closest you can get to protect your feet from water and infections that spread from it is to wear a protective sports shoe or canvas, preferably waterproof and with air flow. Nike online has a range of specially designed and well-crafted shoes suited for the monsoon. Nike has always been a huge name in the specialty footwear market, and they do not fail your expectations with these pairs.

Here are 4 Nike shoes you can trust this monsoon season:

  1. Men’s Air Zoom range

The Nike Air Zoom range was originally launched as a golf course shoe with comfortable cushioning and spikes beneath the sole for grip, traction,and support throughout. But, its synthetic waterproof construction also makes it a perfect choice for the monsoon streets. Together, the water resistance and the multi-surface traction give your feet complete protection and keep them safe from the muddy waters. It is one of the best shoe ranges you can choose from Nike online shopping. Grab this for walking, jogging or running outdoors during the monsoon,and you can slip them in for a quick errand as well.

  1. Nike Control Vapor Shoes

The Control Vapor range is known for its climate-flexibility and lightweight but, at the same time, it provides super strong traction. The cushioning is comfortable for the instep of your feet; the outsole gives you the bounce and the synthetic leather on upper features made of Nike Skin technology, provides additional protection from water and moisture in the toe region. It comes with an additional waterproof lining. Next time you accidentally step into a puddle, or a car goes by splashing dirty water; you know at least your feet are safe for the rest of the day.

  1. Flex Men’s Shoes Range

The Flex Men’s Range Shoes of Nike online expands and contacts with the natural movement of your feet, cozily hugging them and keeping them protected. Deep grooves provide safety outside, while a lightweight Pylon midsole gives the soft sole cushioning. The durable and water repellent nylon upper layer and a Rip Stop fabric added in the forefoot region are for water protection. The higher platform of the shoe itself keeps you above the dirt.

  1. Men’s Flyknit Trainer Shoes

The Flyknit Trainers come in a bold look and vibrant colors, with added cushioning between the Vapormax unit that keeps the shoe afloat, an added pair of the strap along with the laces and a complete hugging sensation covering from ankle to toe. The Flyknit gives a sock-like feeling to the ankle-above,and supportive overlap wraps to keep the foot stable. The best part is the Max Air cushioning that gives your feet the extra bounce and also keeps it above water during the monsoon season.

The rain is not the only trouble for your feet. Sweating and odor is a big issue as well. The careful lining and cushioning of these engineered shoes keep the feet dry as much as possible and absorbs the moisture of the weather as well as your body to keep it cool and dry.

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