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Psionic Kludge – second video release,. . the seeds of scene 2 :: palenque are shown here. Not much to see yet, however the transition is working nicely.

Psionic Kludge :: screen
Psionic Kludge :: screen2

More Seeds

more info; http://jph_wacheski.itch.io/more-seeds

More Seeds is an objective free sandbox game, an AI ant-farm simulation with synthesized soundscape.

Maintain or Disrupt the BALANCE,. . whatever makes you happy ;)

Tested on Win7, should run on any Windows OS system. The game runs at whatever resolution you launch it from and fills the whole screen.

This project is a sort of remake of Seeds that I created in 2003.

This iteration is a bit more advanced and interesting,. although based around the same ideas of AI systems, and the balancing of complex reactive processes.

I am going to add a Screen-saver version with no controls, as well a free demo ASAP. Screen Saver and FREE demo are now available on the main release page; http://jph_wacheski.itch.io/more-seeds

liveMixing in Sunvox

having a tweak while recording in Audacity,. high quality audio is not added here. (may use it later for something)
SunVox is a great environment for live audio manipulations,. just needs to get midi controller support and it will roc hard! keyboard is supported but not controllers, or even mod/pitch bend :(