Alchemik (video game in development)

being a teaser of the current state of development of Alchemik, a Windows game, controllable with just a mouse (or touch?),. involving juggling and selective processing of objects (Bits) to higher states of energetic excitement (Elixir) for the purpose of the collective enlightenment of this planet.

a strange cthulhu is seen top of screen,. what does that thing want?

more to come as time allows, support me here;

this project is powered by noodles,. send me more noodles.

after 10 years iterationGAMES goes dark

Renewal of Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration is rolling around once again, and I currently see little reason to bother with the expense and hassle. has been around for many years now, mainly to keep my released game related work in one place, and to blog about what I have been working on.

With all the social media options now, ease of posting and spreading information of projects and releases, the point of maintaining this site seems moot.

In future look to;

Möbius strip inspired geometry

I have been working with some simple transformations that produce complex structures in motion. I have an idea for a game with these undulating locations as the back drop,.
I am going to do a simple interface for finding interesting locations in the transforms to facilitate level points for the game itself,. could be useful for just exploring the geometry as well.

mobius geometry